Ethically Sourced

We believe everybody should be paid a fair price for the work they do and should work in a safe and supportive environment where every individual is legally entitled to work. We carefully vet the factories we work with and ensure they are quality accredited with the environmental international standard ISO14001 (which stipulates annual external audits).


The world of sustainability can often be overshadowed by greenwashing. At Innocent Packaging we work hard to educate consumers on waste and we practice what we preach by minimising our own waste at our head office and warehouse through recycling, compost and making better decisions with what materials we use (and whether we need to use them at all).

Transparency and honesty

We’re relentless in our drive to look for better, more sustainable forms of packaging, to help eliminate waste. This year we dropped over $100,000 in revenue by sticking to our guns around only using products made from natural plant materials and plant waste rather than relying on petrochemicals. 

Our people

Everyone in the Innocent team aligns with our core values of creating a better New Zealand through superior, more sustainable packaging options - we all love our country and want to do our part to look after it. We work in a trusted, kind and transparent way, respecting ourselves and all others. We laugh and celebrate individuality and there’s a real focus on making sure we are active and healthy and working in a workplace that we are all proud of. We encourage the pursuit of growth, learning, and giving.

Giving Back

We work with the Auckland City Mission to help them with packaging, and each November, (to celebrate our birthday) we donate a can of food for every order sent out. This year, we’re supporting the Christchurch Mission in the same way and we plan to work with the Wellington City Mission in 2018.

We donate 10% of profits from smartass sales to Million Metres. They plant native trees to make NZ waterways healthier. So far we’ve planted just over 2000 trees.


Working with local community events has been something we’ve all really enjoyed being a part of. We work with a number of community events that can’t afford sustainable packaging, such as: Kelmarna Gardens, the Kaitahi community dinner, and The Free Store in Wellington. Most recently we sponsored Everybody Eats to help them supply takeaway meals for those in need.

Ordering made simple

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