Everything we make, we can unmake.

Because we're committed to the circular economy. This means products and materials keep circulating in supply chains, for as long as possible. It helps tackle the global challenges we're facing - climate change, waste and pollution, by keeping things out of landfill and reducing energy outputs.

Oil based plastic products are the opposite. Sourcing oil is dangerous - oil spills, super toxic refineries, and a long history of unethical business practice afflicts the fossil fuel industry. Globally, packaging needs to be better, and our contribution is making decent packaging.


We use a range of sustainable materials to create our compostable and recyclable packaging.

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    Aqueous Lined

    Our aqueous lining uses a water-based dispersion system of polymers and additives to create a barrier, making it a recyclable and home compostable solution.

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    Bagasse is the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice.

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    Paper is fantastic, but not all trees are grown equal! decent only uses responsibly sourced or recycled paper, this paper can then be recycled again and again or composted too.

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    We use low-carbon PLA biopolymers made from renewable resources. PLA can break down fully, back into organic molecules.

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    The crystallised form of PLA - its heat tolerant cousin which maintains the same ability to compost fully but is opaque instead of clear, and a bit more hardy.

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    Our wooden range only uses wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.

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    Wheatstraw is the waste product from what and sugarcane production. Using only heat and water, wheatstraw is super sustainable, toxin free and easily composted.

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    Non Toxic Inks, Dyes & Glues

    All of our inks are soy based and the adhesives we use are made from plants too. We also whiten paper products without bleach, using non-toxic oxidation.


We're decent, and that's certified. Learn what our certifications mean for you, your business and our environment.

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    B Corp

    Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. It’s a global community of people using business as a force for good.

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    ATSM D6400

    This product has achieved this international standard which uses tests to determine if bioplastics products will compost satisfactorily in commercial facilities.

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    ASTM D6868

    This product has achieved this international standard which is used to determine if mixed material products which include bioplastic linings or films will compost satisfactorily in commercial facilities.

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    TÜV Austria Belgium OK Compost Home

    This product has achieved the Home Compostable standard which demonstrates that it will break down fully in an ambient home compost environment, within 12 months.

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    Net Carbon Zero Certified

    decent packaging is a Toitū net carbonzero certified organisation in line with ISO 14064-1. We are proud to take science-based action to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future.

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    PFAS Free

    We’re proud to share that since June 2023, all decent products in production are certified PFAS free.

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    Earthworm Approved

    This product is Earthworm Approved and will therefore break down safely in an Earthworm compost.

“The essential concept at the heart of decent packaging is to ensure everything we make, we can unmake"