Q: Is there an easy way we can identify acceptable compostable packaging? If a member of the public ends up putting in a cup/bowl that is not “Certified commercially compostable” will that result in rejection because of contamination?

A: All Innocent Packaging is approved for composting (including our hot cup lids!), but it's best to be guided by WasteMinz and the acceptable product numbers are, AS4736 / EN13432 / ASTM D 6400 or 6868, if unsure, please dispose of it as general waste. Familiarise yourself with the list of required certification standards for acceptance of other packaging:



Q: What cannot be put into the bin?

A: Only compostable packaging or food waste is acceptable, no bottles, cans, or plastic bags. Any contamination will be recorded and reported to each client individually. Containers should be checked before going into the bin to ensure they do not contain any contaminants.

Q: Can I put other items in the Organics Compostable Packaging wheelie bin?

A: You may include the following items in the bin: Food waste (Including protein), coffee grounds, newspaper, cardboard, and serviettes.

Q: What day of the week will this waste stream be collected?

A: This service is available on Thursdays only, either weekly or fortnightly. Get in touch with Total Waste Solutions here (email info@sustainably.co.nz) and they'll organise this for you.


Q: Can this waste be collected On Call?

A: To ensure that we get a cost-effective run, Total Waste Solutions are limiting this service to scheduled days only and are not currently offering this as an On Call service.

Q: Do I have to pay for Front of House receptacles?

A: The initial boxes will be delivered free of charge; subsequent containers will be charged at $25.00 per box (Plus freight of $4.00 and GST) Get in touch with us at info@innocentpackaging.co.nz and we'll organise one to be delivered to your store.

Q: Do I have to use approved front of house receptacles?

A: If you would like your own custom Front of House collection bin, please get in contact with your Innocent Packaging Account Manager, or email info@innocentpackaging.co.nz.

Q: Will the Front of House receptacle require a liner:

A: Yes, only compostable liners are acceptable. Total Waste Solutions can provide these at a cost of $21.75 per set of 25 x 60ltr bags, plus freight of $4.00 and GST) You can order these from Total Waste Solutions here or phone 03 385 6972 and they'll organise this for you.

Q: Do I have to pay for delivery of the Wheelie Bin to site?

A: There will be an initial delivery fee for the Wheelie bins of $15.00 Excl GST

Q: Will the Wheelie Bin require a liner?

A: No, however if you would like any of your bins washed, please contact Total Waste Solutions at info@sustainably.co.nz and they can assist with pricing.

Q: When will the pricing be reviewed?

A: Total Waste Solutions will review costs pricing after the first 12 weeks of the collection start date and will be in contact with updates and findings.

Q: What locations can be picked up from?

A: Below is the current Total Waste Solutions area map, if you are outside of this area, please get in touch by emailing info@sustainably.co.nz as we’re always looking to expand this service.



Q: Who can I speak to about compost pick up enquiries:

A: If you want to get in touch about the Full Package in Christchurch please contact Total Waste Solutions:




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