New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with Jovan Milovic

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with Jovan Milovic

Our Compostable Canvas Collaboration with Jovan Milovic is available in both 8oz and 12oz hot cup sizes. You can take a closer look at them here.

Jovan Milovic is a New Zealand designer who has been honing his skills in the UK over the last year. He’s currently based in London where his distinct style and constant homage to past and present design eras really sets him apart. From event art direction, right through to commissioned pieces, Jovan’s distinct style harnesses his influences, and he’s really brought that to the design of this Compostable Canvas Collaboration.

“I have created compositions that feel like they are moving across the face of the cup, with a bright and lively energy. Bauhaus & Russian Constructivism were definitely a big influence on the design of these cups and helped me with creating the dynamic look of the compositions that I was seeking to achieve. Upon first glance, the two separate designs also may look quite different, but I’ve kept them related in terms of keeping the sense of movement with the shapes on each design.”

You can follow Jovan on Instagram, and check out his website for more of his incredible work.

Instagram: @jovan_mil

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