It’s a confusing time out there in the world of compostables.
Every city seems to have a different rule about ‘what can go where’ and what
can be accepted at local composting plants varies dramatically across the country.

Like any waste stream, compostable packaging can also be problematic when
disposed of in the incorrect way. It doesn’t belong in your general waste,
but also doesn’t belong in your recycling bin. The best option is a commercial
compost facility. But where do I put my packaging then if there isn’t a collection
bin or a commercial compost facility nearby?

We hear you, so we’ve taken the complication
out of where your compostable packaging goes.

Just send it right back, and we will take care of the rest.

Introducing...The Full Package - Return by decent packaging

How does it work?
Simply get in touch with your decent Rep or the office team
and we can talk you through the current options.

From there, you can purchase your 'Full Package - Return' pack
where you'll receive two Trash bag liners, an easy to follow info sheet
as well as a return courier sticker.

Once you've received your pack, just follow the info guide
and you'll be saving any compostable packaging from going to landfill.

Ordering made simple

Open an account, it only takes 30 seconds... sometimes 28.