We're B Corp Certified.

We couldn't be more proud to join a contingent of like-minded B Corp businesses. Achieving a score of 103.9 in our B Corp Assessment, we far exceeded the minimum score of 80 required to certify, and scored well above our peers in the packaging industry. This reflects what's at the heart of decent packaging: everything we make, we can unmake. Because we want to leave this world a little better than we found it, and help you do the same.

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Our Products

So many products are created without a second thought as to what happens at the end of their life, and all too often they're going straight to landfill or worse, into our beautiful natural environment like the oceans. We wanted to transform disposable food packaging into an industry beyond oil, so we looked for a plant-based solution. This creation of a Circular Economy means we're reducing the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill and reducing the energy output that's required to break it all down. We talk more about the Circular Economy here.

We use fast-growing, renewable plant materials like sugarcane and cornstarch, and sustainably sourced or recycled paper, which we turn into coffee cups, napkins, plates, bowls, cutlery, you name it. And it's all 100% compostable.

To help our customers ensure our packaging is disposed of correctly, we created ‘The Full Package’, teaming up with hospitality spots and waste collection providers, to produce the first public facing compost collection for both food waste and compostable packaging. The objective is to help decent packaging customers and the public divert more of their takeaway compostable packaging away from landfill. Not only showcasing that zero waste solutions do exist, but they’re easy to implement with the right collaboration.

Our People & Community

Our people are what keeps us moving and we are incredibly grateful to have such a supportive community. 

We donate a range of packaging regularly to the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions, as well as Kelmarna Gardens, school galas and local food banks.

In collaboration with Everybody Eats, we produced the Goodie Box & Bowl - a doggy bag where diners can donate a meal to someone in need. Read more about the product here. As a team we also volunteer at the Everybody Eats kitchens.

On one of our Limited Edition Compostable Canvas Hot Cups, we partnered with mental health charity I AM HOPE, donating a portion of these sales to their incredible work in helping provide mental health support and counselling.

Within our team, we are proud to have a 72/28% split of women/men and a 50/50 split across our executive team. Since 2020, we have permanently implemented a four day work week across the business. This came off the back of the 2020 Covid lockdown, where we wanted to reassess how we look after our team who, in turn, look after our customers. The result has found happier, rested, enriched and therefore, more efficient and productive team members. You can read more about our four day work week here.

Our Planet

Against other packaging companies, our B Impact Score was much higher, and we feel proud to be world leaders in our industry.

By not using fossil fuels in the production of our packaging, we're avoiding the risk of oil spills, super toxic refineries and unethical business practices that go hand-in-hand with oil production.

So, a few of the other ways we ensure we're hitting our environmental targets? We default ship, rather than fly goods which, although results in longer lead times for customers, has a much lower carbon footprint. We work with NZ Couriers who are Toitū Certified, and use NZ Post's carbon-neutral delivery services. We purchase locally wherever possible and like to support other NZ businesses.

Prior to our B Corp certification, we have been Carbon Zero Certified with Toitū Envirocare for the past four years. With this certification we measure, reduce and then offset any remaining emissions through projects such as forest regeneration, biodiversity and wind power for renewable electricity.

We are constantly analysing and reviewing to ensure we’re doing everything we can to minimise our carbon footprint at every point along our supply chain.

You can read more about our score on the official B Corp website here.

So where to from here?

Achieving our B Corp certification is just another step in our sustainability journey, and we know the hard work doesn’t end here. We are committed to continuously improving, and implementing sustainable improvements that are made in the packaging industry. We thank you, our customers, for being on this journey with us and helping us continue to bring sustainable packaging to the world.

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