Composting packaging, along with food waste, diverts organic materials away from landfill, creating a circular wastestream and truthfully represents a clean green New Zealand. 


Total Waste Solutions and Innocent Packaging have launched The Full Package, the first city-wide compost collection of its kind in Canterbury. With Full Package collection bins placed out the front of cafe and restaurant sites, providing anyone who has compostable packaging or food waste the ability to dispose of it properly and trust it is being composted. 


Public facing compostable packaging bins are then emptied into Total Waste Solutions bins out the back for collection. This bin is picked up on a regular basis from Total Waste Solutions and delivered to Canterbury Landscapes who is currently diverting over 100 tonnes of organic waste from landfill a day. You can read more about this process on our blog here.



Want to get involved and tick your business sustainability goals for 2021?
Get in touch with Total Waste Solutions below who will organise your Wheelie Bins and pick up a schedule, we’ll also provide you with Full Package Front of House collection bins free of charge.


  • 120Ltr Wheelie Bin $15.00 per pick up (Up to 25kg) excess weights invoiced at $0.24 per kg
  • 240Ltr Wheelie Bin $25.00 per pick up (Up to 35kg) excess weights invoiced at $0.24 per kg


    The rates above exclude GST and apply to both weekly or fortnightly collections. Collections limited to Thursdays only. You may put food waste into the back of house wheelie bins, but please note that Total Waste Solutions have implemented a weight limit, with charges for excess weights.


    Get in touch with Total Waste Solutions here (email and simply provide them with the following details:

    • Full Legal company name
    • Physical address(s) of bin placements
    • Pick Up Site contact name and number








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