a decent conversation with Lloyd's Deli.

a decent conversation with Lloyd's Deli.

A side of fries with pickle whip sauce anyone?

Based in Tauranga is a local deli you must visit. Follow the delicious smells of pizza cooking to Lloyd's Deli. Not only do they make New York-style sourdough pizza, they also offer the best fresh and toasted sandwiches, house-made bread baked daily and delicious coffee. 

We caught up with Job to chat all things Lloyd's, top things to do in Tauranga and so much more...


How did Lloyd's Deli and Pizzeria come about?

Our aim was to introduce a distinctive offering to the neighbourhood, and Lloyd's originated from the partnership of friends who all shared a deep love for bread, sandwiches, and pizza.


How would you describe the style of Lloyd's to someone who hasn't been yet?

Imagine a sandwich and pizzeria, nestled in the heart of a charming city, where quality and classic flavours take center stage. An unpretentious eatery that celebrates flour and water.


Can you run us through your delicious menu?

During the day, the menu focus is sandwiches with fresh house made bread and during the night we offer New York style sourdough pizza.


Tough question, but what's your fave menu item?

Oooo so hard to say. At the moment it's the egg roll with bacon jam or the Chicken Harissa.


What made you decide to use our sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is designed to have a lower impact on the environment compared to traditional packaging materials. It reduces resource consumption, minimises waste, and lowers carbon emissions. One of the primary reasons Lloyd’s opted for sustainable packaging is due to our awareness of environmental issues. 


What do you love most about your local area and the community?

Like many residents, we value the sense of community in Tauranga. The city has a mix of urban and suburban areas, fostering a close-knit environment where people can connect with their neighbours and build relationships. Tauranga is growing every year and we love seeing new spots pop up and different people creating a more lively city! 


On your days off what are your top 3 things to do around Tauranga?

Tough question! Ask someone who gets a day off! 😉

Find Lloyd's Deli & Pizzeria on Instagram here.


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