Get to know artist, Celia Steenhuisen

Get to know artist, Celia Steenhuisen

Our Compostable Canvas is a series we launch throughout the year where we collaborate with different charities and local artists to create a limited-edition hot cup.

Our latest cups were in collaboration with Bees Up Top. They aim to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around.

We were lucky enough to chat with the talented artist behind the Bees Up Top design, Celia Steenhuisen.

Hey Celia, thanks for chatting with us. Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself and how you got into design?

My name is Celia Steenhuisen. I was born and raised semi-rural in a big family in Auckland, my dad immigrated from Holland and my mum is Kiwi but born in Fiji. After leaving school and working in Holland,  I studied business at AUT and got into design through marketing and designing software products. I have always liked drawing and elegant logic. 

How would you describe your artistic style?

It varies, I am still trying to find that description myself. I am looking to reflect reality in a way anyone can relate, but to provide a fresh angle or perspective on it. Most of my inspiration comes through the analysis of myself in my surroundings. I endeavour to create things that last beyond my lifetime.

We love the design you created for the Bees Up Top Compostable Canvas! What was the inspiration behind the design?

I wanted to make people laugh, become more informed and feel empathy towards our honey bee friends. 

How did you get involved with Bees Up Top?

Jessie came by my place to drop off some honey. She was impressed by my work. We are from the same area so it was easy to team up. I painted a few hives for her clients. It has been super cool, I get to go install them with her. It’s exciting to spend time with the bees and kind people who provide the spaces for them. Bees Up Top do a great job!

What inspires you to create?

I find it totally thrilling. It feels like tIme stands still and I grow into an imaginary world. It’s the most alluring and challenging thing for me to do in this lifetime, to make a reality out of my imagination and creative skill.


Since you designed these coffee cups, what is your coffee order? Do you have any favourite local cafes you love to visit?

Karajoz in Eden Terrace, which is next to my printer. Great coffee and company.

Since summer is approaching, do you have any favourite spots around Aotearoa you love to visit?

Visit family in Northland, East Cape, Wellington and Queenstown. But I could also happily spend the summer in Auckland.

Lastly, how can our readers support/ find your work? (Instagram, website etc)

For my portfolio visit my website, if you want to reach out do so on email, LinkedIn or Instagram. 


Instagram: @celia.steenhuisen



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