Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artist, Ruby Jones.

Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artist, Ruby Jones.

We are extremely excited to introduce our new Limited Edition Compostable Canvas, designed by renowned Kiwi illustrator, Ruby Jones. These sweet, colourful designs are sure to bring a smile as you sip your morning cuppa. We spoke to Ruby about the inspiration behind the design, how to get into the creative flow, and how creativity positively impacts the planet. 


Hey Ruby, we love the designs you have created for our recent Compostable Canvas Cup for this winter, what’s inspired your particular style as an illustrator? 

Growing up, I was particularly drawn to illustrators with a really simple, gentle style like Nick Sharratt, Quentin Blake and Charles Schulz. They showed me that drawings didn’t have to be big or complicated to tell important stories, that they could in fact be small and gentle, and still connect with people just as much. While time and practice has definitely improved my skills as an illustrator, I’ve kept to a very similar style for as long as I can remember. It’s not something I’ve ever thought a lot about, but just what’s come naturally to me over time. 

What gets you into your creative flow?

I usually find I’m able to get there once I’ve been for a big walk. I think getting out into the world and experiencing all of the little things - the sun on my face, the smell of the ocean, people watching, bird watching, just sitting on a park bench - those are the places and moments that can help spark an idea for me.

Can you tell us the story behind this design?

I was thinking about the fact that we often drink our tea or coffee in the morning - the kickstart we all look forward to as we begin our days - and how nice it would be to create something bright and happy for people to enjoy when they’re taking that time for themselves. The aim was just to create sweet, colourful and fun designs that would make people smile.

How do you think creativity can make a positive impact on the planet?

I think creativity can have a significant impact on helping us shape the world we want to live in. For me, creativity is about how we tune in to what might not be immediately obvious in terms of what both the people and the planet we are privileged to inhabit needs. Creativity connects it all.

When you’re not creating, how do you like to spend your time? 

I’m a real homebody a lot of the time so my favourite things outside of drawing are usually reading and writing. But when I’m feeling a little more social I love getting out and enjoying Wellington, whether that be going to a poetry night, a walk along the south coast, dropping into my favourite cafe or enjoying some stand-up comedy. I think there’s always something fun happening here.

Since you’ve created these designs for our Hot Cups… what’s your hot drink of choice? 

An oat flat white in the morning and peppermint tea the rest of the time!

How can people purchase your work or get in touch about any collabs?

You can either visit my website or find me on Instagram @rubyalicerose

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