Kate Sylvester x Innocent Collaboration

Kate Sylvester x Innocent Collaboration

"Our Kraftwork collection evolved from my personal tapestry project and the artworks I hand stitched became the foundation of our seasonal prints. We worked with decent Packaging to develop our Basketweave print into a coffee cup design which is of my favourites!"

At decent, we believe collaboration is key, our Collaboration range is something which helps us connect and promote local talent, something that we’re passionate about.

Kate Sylvester has a similar ethos, a great connection with New Zealand, and an ongoing relationship with local musicians, designers, movers and shakers. You can see this through the Sylvester Sessions blogs, can you tell us a bit about this, and who some of the people or brands you’ve worked with that have really emphasised the importance of collaboration for you? 

Collaboration is an exciting part of what we do and we love to connect with and support other local businesses and talent who compliment and inspire us. A recent collaboration that was incredibly exciting was working with Te Papa to develop some of Frances’s 1920s textile designs into finished prints and build an entire collection around them. We also worked with local musicians Purple Pilgrims who provided the perfect ethereal soundtrack for our recent runway show at New Zealand Fashion Week.

You’ve always championed sustainable and ethical practices across the board, which is really inspiring. How has this impacted the brand and how it sits in the industry?

Sustainability is an incredibly important focus at Kate Sylvester. The last year has been particularly exciting as we cofounded Mindful Fashion New Zealand, a New Zealand Fashion Industry collective committed to strengthening the local clothing industry and manage and improve the industry’s social and environmental impacts. Working collectively to find solutions to the challenges of our local garment industry has been extremely rewarding and exciting and we look forward to seeing this project continue to evolve and encourage positive change for the industry.

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