Get to know - Magic Hollow

Get to know - Magic Hollow

We've always championed collaboration at decent, this time we've teamed up with Magichollow to celebrate the launch or our new Hot Cup Colours. With like-minded values in sustainability, collaborating with them just made sense! 

Magichollow is NZ's premier Vintage Clothing Shop. With their amazing handpicked clothing from America, you will easily find something you love in store. By purchasing through their stores you are helping give a piece of clothing another life.

We sat down with Frances to chat about sustainability, favourite coffee spots and more.... 

Hey Fran, thanks for chatting with us. Firstly, can you tell me about Magichollow and how it all started?

Magichollow started off as a Facebook page back in 2013, it grew to a website in 2015, and we’d host pop ups across the country before eventually opening our flagship store in Vulcan Lane AKL in 2017. We’ve since moved up to Karangahape Road in 2021, but still do pop ups once or twice a year. In the last couple of years we’ve been to Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin. 

Our overarching aim is to destigmatise second hand shopping, by providing high quality American vintage, here in NZ. You can’t find our pieces at your run of the mill op shops, and it's a great gateway into buying preloved clothing.

We go to LA to stock up on pieces 3-4 times a year, and it is such a buzz working here. I’ve been at magic for ~4 years now and there are no dull days. We’ve built such a great community who have an unmatched appreciation and understanding about vintage clothing.

If you could describe Magichollow in three words what would they be?

Individual, curated, and conscious.

And ✨magical✨ ofc! 😂

What does sustainability mean to Magichollow?

Our whole ethos is based around sustainability, the clothing industry is one of the worst and most damaging industries in the world in terms of pollution and waste. By creating a space where second hand shopping is normalised and encouraged, we’re paving the way for second hand to be the first choice. Patrons often come instore and don’t realise we’re a vintage store, I’d like to think we’ve reinvented the way people view preloved clothing.

We do try to educate our customers on the importance of conscious consumerism, you don’t have to shop with us, but we want to enlighten people about the magic of op shopping, finding one off pieces your friends envy, all whilst being sustainable! We’re always down to give our thrifting tips and tricks to those in need! 

Since our launch, we’ve saved over 20 tonnes of clothing from landfill. 

For someone wanting to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion, what would you recommend? 

Start by lessening the amount you buy, become aware of wants vs needs. When you distinguish the difference between these two not only will you be saving money but lessening your footprint! Rent or borrow where you can, no need to buy a new party dress that you’ll wear once and leave in the back of your closet. Alternatively adopt a one in one out rule; for every new piece, you must donate one to an op shop.

When you do ‘need’ something, buy quality things that will last (not fall apart after 3 wears and end up in  the trash). Also, let second hand be your first choice. In this day and age, there are heaps of reselling avenues where you can find the piece/s you’re after for a cheaper price. Even if it’s second hand fast fashion then you’re not further impacting the planet or contributing to the cycle. Depop is a great starting point. Trade me and Facebook groups like Walk in Wardrobe or Wet Rat/Smokey Bandit are a great first resort when you need a cute dress or top to go out in. 

Next you can venture out to op shops and markets! I can guarantee the thrill of the thrift is worth it!

You guys are now based on Karangahape Road, what are your favourite things about this location?

As much as we loved our Vulcan location there is definitely a higher appreciation for vintage up here, our customers come in wearing the sickest fits and have the best style. Being on street level also means more foot traffic and seeing the sunshine! We love the Karangahape community.

What is your current favourite piece of clothing you own from Magichollow?

Such a hard Q! Probably my Nike x Godzilla Tee. It's on a single stitch tee with Grey Nike tag (made in usa), it's super thin and worn - aged to perfection - with that ultimate vintage aesthetic. I also am obsessed with any vintage denim, there’s something magical about finding a pair of vintage jeans that fit you perfectly - it feels like they were made for you despite having multiple previous owners. Sisterhood of the travelling pants vibes.

What is your go-to coffee order?

Iced/reg oat latte with a shot of caramel if I'm feeling naughty. 

Cheeky question but what is your favourite decent packaging hot cup colour and why? 

Probably either hot or light pink. Such fun and happy colours, it's hard to pick a fav. I will say one thing, when you grab a coffee and the cup colour matches your fit you KNOW it's going to be a good day.

Hard question! Being based in Auckland, what are your top three coffee spots at the moment?

Too many to choose! Our neighbours at Bestie always hit the spot, Millers coffee down on Cross street is also a fav. Pink Neon Sign on High Street is a cute hole in the wall and nostalgic from our days back at Vulcan. Special mention to Crumb! Before they closed their Crummer Road shop, that was a regular dwelling/meeting spot. 

Lastly, can you please tell us how our readers can support you? 

Follow our socials @magichollow on both tiktok and instagram, we put out ‘new’ pieces online at every week, and you can always slide into our dms if you’re after something specific. We’re located on 161 Karangahape Road, so if you’re in the area pop in to say hi!

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