Happy World Bee Day!

Happy World Bee Day!


Today we are thankful for Jess and Luke of Bees Up Top. The dynamic duo hellbent on saving the bees and behind our current Compostable Canvas collaboration.

Bees Up Top aim to increase New Zealand’s bee population by supplying healthy, happy hives to urban areas and to educate our future generation on the importance of keeping our little workers around.

We asked Jess from Bees Up Top to give our readers useful tips on how to help bees in your own gardens.

Photo by Joel McDowell


Us: Hey Jess! Thanks for chatting with us. What are things our readers can do at home to help the hard-working bees?

Jess: It's so important for us to help the bees by planting flowers so that bees can collect nectar and pollen. Bees love blue flowers best, so planting lavender, rosemary and borage is perfect.

Borage is a great plant for bees because it's blue but it fills up with nectar every 2 minutes. A lot of other plants can take up to 2 weeks! Planting Borage is a really, really great idea for bees.

Bees also need a lot of pollen so plants like sunflowers provide a whole plate full of pollen for the bees to feed to their babies. Another tip is to create a water station in your backyard. This is a really good idea, we have one in our backyard and it's made from a birdbath which is then filled with marbles. Those marbles are just submerged in water which allows for the bees to safely stand on the marbles and take a drink without drowning



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