International Barista Day - 1st March 2021

International Barista Day - 1st March 2021


While we regularly celebrate the work of other service personnel, we don’t tend to spend as much time thinking about the hard work of baristas! Many people, like ourselves, rely on their baristas to make their morning cup of coffee, setting the tone for the rest of the day. 

Coffee has become a truly central part of all our lives. It’s something that we drink daily to help us focus, start the day, and brush away last nights cobwebs. Thanks to baristas, people can have coffee made and ready to go in minutes, just to their liking. Single shot, oat, 6oz, Moccachino anyone? 

Being a barista is not a new job title! In 1938, the first record of the use of the word “barista” was made. From the Italian language, and it can be related to alcohol, coffee or other drinks. 

With millions of people daily relying on the service of our hardworking bartenders of the morning, March the 1st has been officially hailed as a chance to celebrate the people behind the beans. 

Not only can our baristas perfect your 12oz coconut latte time and time again, but they're also the reason our coffee scene is so vibrant and thriving. It’s the work of thousands of people in the industry working hard to deliver exceptional coffee to the people around them. Without them, the coffee that we enjoy from our local coffee spot would not be as delicious as it is. A lot of effort goes in behind the scenes – much of it unrecognised. 

Barista Day is a chance to make that hard work known so that people can celebrate it!

Thank you baristas, from the bottom of our cups. 

How you can celebrate International Barista Day:

Celebrating Barista Day is just about as easy as it gets. All that is needed is to go down to the local coffee house and celebrate the baristas who work there by buying and enjoying one of their freshly prepared coffees. 

Of course, it’s better not to go alone. Why not take a friend or family member along? Why not get as many people involved as possible? Surely, everyone knows a few people who would love to communicate their gratitude. For coffee-lovers, spreading the word on social media and letting friends know about Barista Day.

This day is all about people showing support to their baristas. Baristas are used to taking orders and diligently preparing delicious drinks. What they don’t get much are words of affirmation from grateful patrons. Barista Day is a perfect chance to show them care and that what they’re doing is super important to all the coffee lovers out there. 

1. Give a generous tip

Meeting someone at your local independent coffee shop or grabbing one on the go? A great way to show appreciation to a barista and celebrate Barista Day is to give them a little extra tip.

2. Let Your Barista Pick Your Coffee

For a little adventure outside of the daily coffee routine, set aside “the usual” and ask the barista behind the counter to make it a surprise with either their favourite drink or something completely random. Since they’re the experts, why not let them do what they’re great at? And give them a shout out on social media if you love your drink!

3. Try a milk alternative

Baristas know that milk is a big part of the coffee world and greatly influences the kinds of coffee drinks that can be made. Whether a latte, cappuccino or flat white, the milk makes the drink.

With quite a few options now available to substitute for milk why not give one a go? Oat Milk is growing rapidly in popularity, not only for its great taste compliment to your caffeinated beverage but for it’s lesser impact on the environment. Some other non-dairy milk options include soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk.

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