New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with Chippy

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with Chippy

Our brand new Compostable Canvas Collaboration features Chris Hutchinson aka Chippy, an Auckland based illustrator and graphic artist.

He's drawn on everything from furniture, through to clothing, and gallery walls - and we're over the moon to have his uplifting and brightly coloured creatures on our Innocent cups. We know you'll be excited to serve your delicious coffee in them too.

We asked Chippy a few questions and got to know where his inspiration for his incredible design work comes from.


Tell us a bit about what inspires you and how different environments affect your design.
A lot of my inspiration comes from comic books, animation and old cartoons as you might expect, but I also find looking at vegetation and going for bush missions is a great source of inspiration and a good way to inform new character ideas. Most of my creatures look like little plants or animals in some way. I also find that I create my best work when my environment is full of colour, pattern and also music. It’s also really important to be surrounded by other creative people. 


You've got a week off to go anywhere in NZ and relax, where are you heading / would you recommend?
I’d like to escape to Harataonga on Great Barrier Island. It’s a special place for me and a lot of my mates.


What was the inspiration behind the designs for the decent packaging cup range?

I just want to create a sense of positivity and cheeky playfulness with this design. Due to the nature of the final object being a coffee cup and the fact you can never see the entire design at once I also wanted to create something fluid and malleable. It’s a design I hope people want to turn around in their palm and discover the different expressions hidden throughout the design while they enjoy a coffee. 

Often with the work I create there’s not much more of an intention than to create an image that can inspire a sense of joy and playfulness. It’s fun to use colour and pattern in such a way that takes a commonplace object like a cup and makes it something unique. I’m stoked to work with a company that is paving the way and creating compostable packing in a world where plastic and single-use packaging is no longer viable.  


We're a music and podcast lovin’ bunch here at decent packaging, always listening and learning, what have you been listening to recently, or alternatively what are your go-to albums and podcasts? Anything we should be listening to?

At the moment I feel like I’ve been listening to a lot of downtempo music from this label Laut & Luise which is really nice to relax and do some drawing/reading to. Otherwise a favourite podcast of mine is Ologies with Alie Ward which is really good for learning weird science facts. 


What do you know now that you wished you knew when you started illustrating?
I’m not sure, I feel like I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Describe your illustration style in three words.
Yummy Little Critters.

What is your go to drink order at a cafe?
Batch brew

What inspires you in the sustainability space?
My mates over at the Organic Market Garden in Eden Terrace are always doing amazing things with urban farming.

A secret talent of yours?
I almost think drawing small creatures is my only talent.

Somewhere you've never been and why you'd like to visit?
I’ve never been up to England which is where my Dad’s from so I’d like to visit and see my family there. 

Whose an artist or creative that inspires you?
At the moment Chaz Bear is a really inspiring creative to me. The quality and variation of creative work he releases is amazing. 


Chippy Compostable Canvas cups are available in both 8oz and 12oz sizes, and are a Limited Edition design. Don't miss out - get yours today!

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