Nourish Flourish Smoothie bar

Nourish Flourish Smoothie bar


Nourish Flourish Smoothie Bar is a smoothie bar located in PWR Fit Studios. PWR Fit Studios is a boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Kumeu, a place where you can train, nourish and relax. Combining fitness with nutritional food is what makes them so special.

They believe that exercise doesn't need to be a daunting task, nor does it need to be complicated and intimidating. 

We were lucky enough to chat with Renee from Nourish Flourish Smoothie bar to chat about all things, PWR Fit Studios, Nutrition, self-care and more…

Hey Renee, thanks for chatting with me. Firstly, can you tell me about Nourish Flourish Smoothie Bar and how it started?

The smoothie bar was built as a little passion project and for my love of nutrition. Initially, I was just going to open a small fitness studio, but we had some extra space and I decided, “hey why not build a smoothie bar” and now we have been open for a year (7 months if you exclude the lockdowns and flooding disaster) serving our clients and community fresh healthy and nutritious smoothies and smoothie bowls! 

What’s currently on your delicious looking menu?

We have many nutritious smoothies and smoothie bowls, our most popular smoothies would be the salted caramel, choc dream and drink yo greens. These smoothies are all made with wholesome ingredients, are plant-based and taste great (even the local tradies are loving them). Our most popular smoothie bowls are the snickers bowl and the pink dragon bowl, these are both so tasty and a unique way to fuel your body, they don’t just taste great they look great and are filled with amazing healthy ingredients.

Do you currently have a favourite go-to smoothie/ smoothie bowl flavour?

Currently, my fave go-to smoothie is the drink yo greens which I love as my afternoon snack. It's so refreshing and gives you the afternoon pick me up needed! My fave smoothie bowl is the snickers or acai bowl which I have every day for breakfast, I will always have snickers if I've done a workout as it's higher in protein!

I would love for our readers to learn more about PWR FIT STUDIOS Can you tell me how this started and what you offer?

PWR FIT STUDIOS started in my garage at my in-law's house, I transformed it into my studio where I took group fitness classes and personal training sessions. After using the garage for 3 years, an empty building came up for lease and I (with my family’s help) turned it into a beautiful fitness studio. Here we train small groups as well as run personal training sessions teaching people how to train functionally, move with ease, stay healthy, build muscle and gain strength, nourish their bodies and achieve their health and fitness goals! We offer evidence-based training in group fitness style, nutrition coaching and personal training.  

Thank you for using our packaging! What made you decide to use our sustainable packaging? 

I love the whole ethos behind the brand and believe that every business should be using sustainable packaging by now, especially with our climate crisis. I love how decent provides packaging for everything, coffee cups, straws, cups, bowls, cutlery….literally everything you need! I also love how I can get all of the used packaging composted with we compost too, ensuring the packaging is being disposed of how it needs to be turned back into the soil.

I’m gathering that Nutrition and health plays an important part in your brand. Why are these values so important to you?

It sure does, nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, we must fuel ourselves right to maintain a healthy body from the inside through to the outside. Good nutrition is also important for your recovery. The energy that you have to train and also your body’s daily functions. It's important to our brand that we supply the best evidence-based advice for all our clients so they are healthier but also have a healthy relationship with food. We discourage diet culture and encourage a healthy well-balanced lifestyle and we can do that through our smoothie bar and our passionate health professionals who work in the studio.

What does self care look like to you?

Self-care to me is going for a massage, a facial and regular exercise. It's also taking the time to make regular healthy meals every day, having mindful moments of breathing from the belly and gratitude journaling. 

What are your favourite things to do around Tāmaki Makaurau during the summer months?

Bushwalks and going to the beach! I also love working out outdoors, being in the fresh air and training with the sunrise when I can! 

Do you have any exciting plans for Nourish Flourish Smoothie Bar or PWR FIT STUDIOS you would like to promote? 

Yes! We are trying our hardest to get out into our community more by building up our client base for group fitness classes and teaching our community about who we are. Especially after having to rebuild after the floods in August 2021! We have launched more classes to be able to help more people become the healthiest versions of themselves. We are also continuing to get the good word out there in the community about our smoothie bar and how we can help people start their days the healthy way by stopping in at their local health joint before work, school, uni or even before they start work from home! 

Lastly, where can our readers find you?

Instagram: @nourishflourish_smoothiebar & @pwrfit_studios