On change and a decade in hindsight.

On change and a decade in hindsight.


We've created a series of four interviews with decent packaging founder, Tony Small. Our fourth interview focuses on change and a decade in hindsight.

As a business we have learnt so much about the ever evolving packaging industry. We chat with Tony about challenges and proudest moments from starting decent packaging and what the future looks like for sustainable packaging…

How have your customers’ worlds changed in ten years? 

Hospo seems to be an ever-evolving industry, which seems to only get better and better year-on-year. I can’t think of many other industries which consistently continue to improve as fast as hospo does. 

What does its future look like? 

Zion Market Research estimates the bioplastics market will surge from $10.5 billion in 2021, to some $29 billion in 2028. With that growth will come a lot of innovation. Packaging will only become more sustainable, and offer solutions for other industries to use bioplastics to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. 

Is there anything that you can’t see changing in the world, industry, business? 


What’s been most challenging in the last ten years? 

  • For you - I think the best, and most challenging thing of any business, is people. We’re all very complex creators with different needs and desires, so managing that can be rewarding and challenging. 
  • For the industry: Governments are probably the most challenging when it comes to waste. I think within governments, there’s a lot of confusion around recycling, and the best steps forward for composting. If it was simplified, we could speed up change. 

Three things you’re most proud of from the last decade? 

Creating a financially sustainable business which has been pretty self–funded. Opening an office in the UK and building our current team. We have the best team, they’re a great bunch with amazing skills and experience. 

If you could give yourself (ten years ago) one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Not to stress about things as much as I did. While it feels massive at the time, it always works out. 

Three level-up things you aspire to achieve in the next 5-10 years? 

Continue to produce the most sustainable packaging in our industry. Create an incredible order platform which adds huge value to our customers. And open an office in the USA.