Aqueous Lined Cups

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decent packaging Aqueous Coated cups are made from responsibly sourced paper, lined with a unique water-based barrier coating, and coloured in water-based inks. An advancement into new technology, this unique water-based barrier coating is certified industrially compostable to European standards (EN13432), passed the home compostable test, including the Earthworm test and can go into our paper recycling waste streams.

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  • Certified industrially compostable to European standards (EN13432)
  • Certified home compostable 
  • Certified to Australian standards (AS4736)
  • EU Food regulation 10/2011/2020/1245/EC
  • Factory is ISO22000 and FSC certified


Our paper cups are made only using responsibly managed or recycled paper. All the ingredients are natural without any PE and PLA, and can be composted in nature.

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Aqueous Lined Cups - A new waterproof barrier coating

Why are we offering aqueous lining as another option to PLA in NZ?

We are always pushing for the most sustainable solution to offer our customers and believe the water based lining is a step towards simplifying sustainability.

Will we be able to created custom branded Aqueous Lined products?

Yes, compared with PE and PLA coated paper, the frictional force is larger. Aqueous paper cups are a little sticky and they are not as easy to separate, and also can not be printed with ordinary inks, which can cause colour fading. We’ve run samples of this product with excellent results.

Get in touch with us here to discuss custom branding.

Can the aqueous lining be heated?

Yes, its perfect for hot beverages, and can be directly heated in a microwave oven. At present, the paper material used in this product is the best and the most matured paper manufactured in China.

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