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Bagasse is simply a by-product of the sugarcane harvesting process. Often referred to as sugarcane pulp, it's the fibrous substance left behind after the juice has been extracted (meaning no waste!). A fast growing renewable plant material which is diverse and easily malleable, so can be moulded into loads of fantastic products.

Certified home compostable through TÜV Austria Belgium OK Compost Home, and with no intentionally added PFAS chemicals. We're proud to share that since July 2023, all Bagasse products delivered to our warehouse have tested PFAS-free (read more on this below).

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    Bagasse, is the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice.

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    Home Compostable

    This product has achieved the Home Compostable standard which demonstrates that it will break down fully in an ambient home compost environment, within 12 months. (TÜV Austria Belgium OK Compost Home, Din Certo)

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    Commercially Compostable

    This product has achieved this international standard which uses tests to determine if bioplastics products will compost satisfactorily in commercial facilities. (ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868)

Is Bagasse compostable?

All of decent packaging's Bagasse range is certified both home and commercially compostable which means it can decompose back into its organic components. This reduces the impact on the environment, making them a sustainable alternative to plastic. We recommend cutting or tearing your Bagasse packaging into smaller pieces before popping into your home compost, to aid the breakdown process. Take a look at a short video showing the process here.

Can Bagasse be recycled?

The Bagasse range is certified recyclable, and can be recycled as long as it’s clean, no food residue remains and is placed in the appropriately labelled recycling waste bin.

Can it be custom branded?

We are unable to print on this material, however many of our customers apply stamps or compostable stickers to show off their brand. Get in touch with our team here to discuss these options.

Are your Bagasse products safe to put in the oven, microwave or freezer?

Yes, all of our Bagasse products are fine in temperatures up to 220°C and can be frozen too. Ideal for heating, re-heating or refrigerating any food items to help minimise food waste.

Can they hold liquids?

Yes, some of our Bagasse Containers come with lids so that your food won't leak. Our Tiny Tubs are perfect for holding sauces, jams, cream and so on!

What about the production of Bagasse, does this harm our environment?

As it's the pulp left behind from sugarcane juice extraction, we can guarantee that Bagasse is one of the most sustainable packaging materials currently on the market. Sugarcane is a fast-growing renewable resource meaning there's plenty of it, and it helps to prevent deforestation of our native forests.

Additionally, using compostable products reduces the risk that they’ll end up polluting our oceans and harming sea life.

Does your Bagasse range contain any PFAS chemicals?

We can guarantee that our Bagasse range has no intentionally added PFAS. PFAS chemicals are used in many industries to repel grease and other liquids. Low levels of PFAS have been detected in most natural environments such as soil and water around the globe. For that reason, we acknowledge that small traces of PFAS could be present in the environment where our products are grown and made and why we say they have not been intentionally added. We can however guarantee after completing gold standard industry testing, that our Bagasse range has no intentionally added PFAS, and we're proud to share that since July 2023, all products delivered to our warehouse have tested PFAS-free.

Do your Bagasse products contain any plastic?

No, the material is made from an entirely natural waste product and contains zero plastic. Using Bagasse over plastic packaging, lowers our dependence on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gasses and plastic’s carbon footprint.

The practical use of waste products with no added bleach makes our bagasse products kinder to the environment even before they arrive at your door.

Bagasse Range

From Tiny Tubs to Hot Cup Lids, our Bagasse range does it all.

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