The most viable solution for single-use disposable packaging is a full cycle, organic recycling solution. Plant-based packaging waste can integrate into the organic waste system and be utilised as compost for the next generation of plants. 

Composting our packaging along with our food waste is an idea that has a real opportunity to divert our waste away from landfill and truthfully represent a clean green New Zealand. 

Auckland’s leading commercial compostable waste collection service, Green Gorilla (formerly: We Compost), along with Innocent Packaging implemented such a method and since it’s launch in 2018, have supplied The Full Package collection bins to over 200 customers across Tāmaki Makaurau alone.

Customers and partners put the bins out front – Encouraging a discussion around compostable packaging and providing consumers with an option to return packaging to participating locations. Each week Green Gorilla collects over 50,000kg of organic waste to be composted.

Want to get involved and tick your business sustainability goals for 2021? Get in touch with Green Gorilla below who will organise your Compost Bins and pick up a schedule, we’ll also provide you with a Full Package Front of House collection bin free of charge.


Auckland Compostable Bin options: 

  • 80Ltr Wheelie Bin
  • 120Ltr Wheelie Bin
  • 240Ltr Wheelie Bin 
  • 660Ltr Wheelie Bin*


    Suitable for hospitality businesses and offices. Green Gorilla can provide a compostable bin liner that is replaced each time they empty, which helps to keep the bins clean. Collections are on a fixed schedule to suit your requirements up to 7 days per week.


    *The 660Ltr bin is suitable for large offices and manufacturing businesses. They use these bins for paper hand towel collections or for sites with large volumes of compostable packaging. Because they cant line these bins with bin liners the waste going in must be either bagged in compostable bags or just loose paper towels or packaging. Not suitable for heavy food waste only sites, which need to be in the smaller wheelie bins.


    Get in touch with Green Gorilla by emailing John Thompson at and simply provide him with the following details:

    • Full Name
    • Contact number
    • Contact Email
    • Full Legal company name
    • Physical address(s) of bin placements


    Please find our Q&A below which outlines any questions you may have and if you want to get in touch about the Full Package in Auckland please contact Green Gorilla for all compost pick up enquiries:






    Q: What can go in the bin?

    A: Organic materials, including:

    • All Innocent Packaging products (including hot cup lids)
    • Fruits & vegetables
    • Plants & flowers
    • Meat, fish & dairy
    • Shells & bones
    • Eggshells, nutshells (and their paper cartons)
    • Pasta & rice
    • Breads & grains
    • Teabags, coffee grinds & filters
    • Paper bags, paper towels, napkins and newspaper
    • Uncoated paper plates & napkins


    Q: How do we get a Full Package Front of House collection bin?

    A: Get in touch with us at and we'll organise one to be delivered to your store.


    Q: What day of the week will this waste stream be collected?

    A: Collections are on a fixed schedule to suit your requirements up to 7 days per week.


    Q: Will the Front of House receptacle require a liner:

    A: Yes, only compostable liners are acceptable. Green Gorilla / We Compost can provide these, just order them here:  


    Q: Will the Wheelie Bin require a liner?

    A: Green Gorilla / We Compost provides a compostable bin liner that is replaced each time they empty, which helps to keep the bins clean.


    Q: What locations can be picked up from?

    A: Auckland Wide, but please get in touch with John from Green Gorilla to confirm your location


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