A decent conversation with ROAR Coffee.

A decent conversation with ROAR Coffee.

Nestled in the heart of Southland, ROAR Coffee has been an icon of ethical, honest, and sustainable coffee roasting since 2015. Renowned for their small-batch roasting, they ensure every cup is fresh and flavourful, using only ethically sourced, fairly traded, and organic arabica beans. Whether for home or café, their exceptional coffee can be delivered straight to your door, or enjoyed in their flagship cafe, Roasted X Toasted.

We chatted with Directors, Matt and Tabitha, and little boss Haiyla, in an interview that's sure to get you roaring.

Firstly, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into the hospo world?

Tabatha has been in hospo for most of her working life from high end events, festival management and is a mean barista. I (Matthew) used to dabble in bar work on the side as a young buck whilst training to become an engineer/welder. Fast forward 20 years and a few sports injuries later, a couple of herniated discs in my neck and some surgery put an end to my heavy steel days. 

A lamb curry and a chat with our friends Kelly and Steve (the original owners of Roar Coffee) gave Tabatha and I the opportunity to take over Roar Coffee and the flagship cafe Roasted X Toasted in Lumsden. The rest they say is history!

How would you describe ROAR to someone who hasn't been yet? 

I would describe ROAR as the quiet silent type… Our stag head logo,  just like the red deer it’s design is based upon, is a majestic powerful beast. Encompassing the true Southern charm, we’re warm and comforting yet pack a powerful punch.


We would love to know more about your coffee! Can you tell us about this and what’s on offer at ROAR?

We like to keep things simple in Southland. We only use ethically traded beans from the world to Southland, sourced directly from growers so we get the best beans and they get a fair price. At ROAR we only offer our house blend which is roasted weekly in small batches to ensure quality, consistency and freshness. After all we are special not speciality! 

What do you love most about your local area and the community in Southland?

I love the diversity and closeness. Everyone here is always so keen to help and look out for each other. We’re a pretty outdoorsy couple and love taking out our four dogs for walks down the river and up into the mountains. There’s so much beautiful countryside to explore right on our doorstep.


What are you most excited for in the future of ROAR?

When ROAR started out, we wanted to provide our local hard grafters with locally roasted coffee & good old fashioned customer service. We have also created a business that is good, honest & transparent. For the future we want to spread the hard Mahi that ROAR is known for all over NZ.

Anything else you’d love our readers to know?

The ROAR Roastery is located in our flagship cafe Roasted X Toasted in beautiful Lumsden, Southland. Come for a coffee and a toastie, stay for a yarn, and like many of us here you might not find a reason to leave. 

Lastly, for those wanting to support, where can we find you?

roarcoffee.co.nz / @roar_coffee / 13 Diana St, Lumsden


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